Lucratively Delicious Exposition

The 18th Food and Drinks Asia 2014

Another event of mouth-watering exposition of food and drinks and lucrative opportunities has just opened again at the World Trade Center, Manila on September 4.  This was the 18th Food and Drinks Asia 2014. Almost hundreds of small and medium enterprises exhibited their best products and services to win consumers choice and potential franchisee.

DSC00185 DSC00176Prior to the ribbon cutting ceremony and opening of doors, Sen. Sonny Angara pointed out in his speech that owning and growing a business, whether big or small, were made simpler. Government formulates game plan to deliver very good impression for the expected 700 million tourist arrival in the coming years.

DSC00060 DSC00066The event paved an opportunity to everyone who are planning to take risk in business venture. But being a franchisee has much less risk because they would get to own a business which brand was already establish in the market. Visitors interacted with franchise owners and learn their method of success through their unique product and services. Exhibitors showcased their delicatessen, specialties, beverages, wines, spirits, kitchen equipment, POS system, and even innovated stuff like alkaline water processor.














DSC00109One of the things that many visitors loved about in this event was the free tasting of food and beverages. A strategic way of influencing and capturing the consumers’ decision making is through their palate.  Most of the food booths were surrounded by visitors who fingerpicked and tooth-picked small slice of food or sipped a shot of beverage that every enterprise was offering.  A little bit of this and a small shot of that had definitely made one full and got out from the event satisfied.






DSC00169An exciting highlight of the day was the 4th Chefs Culinary Showdown which was hosted by Hotel and Restaurants Chef Association of the Philippines (HRCAP). Four chefs – namely Chef Noel Tinana, Madelene Dupale, Jean Semillano, Judith Medina, Heidi Reodica – had their showdown of delectable cuisine while giving their best method in preparing it. Following the show was Product Presentation by First Enterprise Inc.

DSC00133 DSC00143 DSC00150 DSC00153 DSC00155 DSC00157 DSC00162 DSC00161A lot more enormous highlights were laid out each day until September 7 like Gourmet Cooking Using Ideal Gourmet Pasta; the 5 Philippine Mixology and Flair Tending Cup; Cooking Demonstration by Maya Kitchen; Food and Drinks Cooking Challenge; Tummy Yummy with Chef Mitchie; Baguio Oil Cooking Series by Chef “Boy” Logro; Easy and Healthy Meal with Delicious Special Noodles.A lot more enormous highlights were laid out each day until September 7 like Gourmet Cooking Using Ideal Gourmet Pasta; the 5th Philippine Mixology and Flair Tending Cup; Cooking Demonstration by Maya Kitchen; Food and Drinks Cooking Challenge; Tummy Yummy with Chef Mitchie; Baguio Oil Cooking Series by Chef “Boy” Logro; Easy and Healthy Meal with Delicious Special Noodles.

Each day of the event is a learning and earning opportunity. Every food enthusiasts and one that has a mind for business should anticipate the event each year and not missed it out.


Crepe of Life in Café Breton

Tapping our back or words of commendation would never compensate the lost energy neither would fill our hungry belly after one exhausting graveyard shift of work in our office. We, colleague of six, concurred to reward ourselves with sumptuous dinner – a breakfast for a normal body clock person – to cool down our burnout mind and body. I decided to brought them to an unfamiliar food niche and satisfy their hunger differently. I thought of Café Breton branch in Greenbelt 3 Makati.

By standing at the storefront we were welcomed with warmth and handed to us right away the menu. Through their door, you would notice and feel that you’re not going to dine to a usual place like before. There could be arrays of French restaurants offering plates upon plates of native French cuisine in downtown, yet, this one does not only install French palate in you but Café Breton could also transport your meal time to a place where it’s not Philippines anymore. The store design from the door, walls, displays to their dining tables constitutes the feeling of dining as a Breton. Brittany is the place where its theme was inspired. It’s a cultural region in north-west of France, a French peninsula surrounded by sea where agriculture and fishing remains important economic activities. The cozy ambiance inside is the blend of smooth jazz music and bland smell of roasted coffee and crepes on process.

One of my colleague was looking for a rice meal from the menu catalogue, and I teasingly told her that you’re at the wrong place. Yes, there is no rice in here. You could only find arrays of crepes, galettes and sandwiches – Breton’s iconic dishes. Since she’s looking for a heavy chow, I pointed the list of galette base meal. Crepes and galettes are flat cakes that replaces bread or rice which are staple food in Brittany. Crepe is usually prepared for dessert with dairy and sweet accompaniment either on top or inside the fold. Galette is made of buckwheat flour serve with meat, fish and vegetable.

As we choose our order, I suggested to picked different dishes to review upon. These are what we took:

Tuna Salad Sandwich

I ordered Tuna Salad Sandwich since I prefer to have light meal before I go to bed. This didn’t disappoints me when I saw how it was presented with overflowing cold tuna in salad dressing and lettuce in between the wheat bun. On the side stripped cabbage and tomatoes completed a one nutritious, yet, light dinner and the balance of sweet and salty taste of it made it perfect for me.

Bretonne Mozarella Burger

Bretonne Mozarella – best of the sandwiches in line was selected by one of us. A heavy sandwich meal of 100% beef and they said mozzarella cheese is a surprised when you order this. At first glance, you would wonder where the cheese is and you might ask the server that cook may have forgotten it. But, when you started to bite it, the patty reveals the mozzarella embedded in it. What a real surprise!

Chicken Run

Chicken run is a toast sandwich sliced diagonally into two. It’s a breast fillet top with asparagus and cheese sauce on whole wheat toast with salad on the side. While chicken asparagus sandwich is slightly different in preparation. It’s chicken salad on asparagus and lettuce inside a brown bun.

Galette Marakech

One of us was a bit disappointed with what she ordered. She ordered Galette Marakech – a galette over spicy morrocan sausage, fried egg and tomato provencal on top. She was a bit turned off with its texture and how the batter too wet with oil that affects the taste of it. The sausage is too spicy that she couldn’t take which ended up giving it to us just to consume it.

Gwenn ha du

The dessert part was a little bit weird yet great, especially when we tasted Gwenn Ha du crepe with black cherry on top that complements the flavour of raclette cheese inside the folded crepe. I’m not truly sure if we would be able to consume it with that kind of cheese if there’s no sweet black cherry. It’s unimaginable how it becomes palatable if you would judge it with its pungent and bad odour. A miracle works when this crepe becomes one of the best-selling crepe in this house.

Service, ambiance, and food are overall very good. We made our bond time, unwinding time and indulgence time, truly, extraordinary sumptuous – a French dine like no other.